Is your Brand telling the right Story?

When you Brand On Purpose,

it will be.

A Brand (and its messaging) is the story people tell themselves about you, your business and your offerings.

The right story speaks directly to your ideal client, making the decision to work with you an effortless (and exuberant) YES!

The wrong story confuses.

And when your Brand Story is confusing...

  • You lose new clients 
    If your ideal customer can’t see themselves within your brand story, they’ll move on in their search for the very solution YOU offer.
  • You lose time and money
    No matter how much time, creative effort and money you spend on marketing,
    the wrong story turns away the right clients EVERY time.
  • You lose confidence
    When you’re not seeing the results you need to grow, doubt creeps in… causing you to second-guess your ability to build the business you KNOW is possible. 

The problem isn’t you,
the problem is your messaging.

Hélène Scott 

CEO of Brand On Purpose® 

& your friendly guide ’round these parts

As a long-time business builder, I know first hand what it’s like to doubt yourself, question whether you’ve got what it takes, stumble a few times… and prevail.


As a brand story strategist and business alignment mentor, I’ve helped hundreds of women build soul-fueled, personal brand businesses attract their ideal clients, and grow, consistently.


From that experience, I know when the problem is the message — the solution is getting your brand story RIGHT. 

Which is why I created this course to help you easily identify your brands RIGHT STORY and confidently tell it across ALL YOUR marketing materials… starting today.

Get started today...

In the past, creating messaging for my business felt like taking a ticket in a lottery. I was never sure if what I was saying would “win over” my ideal client. 

This course provided me with so much value and clarity. It gave me a tool to align my messaging and brand at the very deepest level – with who I am, how I want to show up, and with who I want to serve. From that “unique to me” position I was then guided through the steps to align each aspect of my brand messaging. As a result, I have become super clear on my audience and how to attract those clients I most want to work with. Better yet, I can review any future messaging through this fresh lens to remain aligned in all aspects of my brand story.

Jill Secker
Work Wellbeing Coach

Speak directly to your ideal clients

Make the decision to work with you effortless

Grow your business with the right story

Brand On Purpose Course

Your Brands

$ 97
00 USD
  • Identify your brands RIGHT STORY
  • Speak directly to your ideal clients
  • Use the RIGHT STORY FILTER on all your marketing materials from now on
  • Grow your business consistently with the very people you most want to work with!

You deserve a Brand Story
that works FOR you.

When you tell Your Brands
RIGHT STORY, it will be!

Not sure if you're telling your Brands Right Story?


One of the easiest places to identify whether your RIGHT STORY is being told is on the HOMEPAGE of your website.

It’s also one of the more damaging to your business growth, if it’s not…

Download the Free Resource:
RIGHT STORY deCoder (Homepage Edition)

to deCode your homepage and find out whether it’s telling your brands right story
(and how to FIX if it’s not!)

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over twenty years, and have gone through a lot of courses that help you get laser focused on your who and why. This course is different.


Hélène has a beautiful way of asking questions that make you think differently and deeper into your heart and soul. By doing this you really find out the important pieces of YOUR business and your brands RIGHT STORY.
Heather S. Kimber
Launch Technology Group

I was constantly confused by all the branding strategies in the entrepreneur world. With the RIGHT STORY’s concise and thoughtful framework, I was finally able to clarify my brand story message and who I am speaking to in my marketing campaigns.
Hélène approaches branding in a unique way that highlights her many years of experience while being an intuitive teacher that makes even the marketing novice, feel like they are capable of building and growing an authentic, heart-centered business.
Cindi Roberts, M.Ed.
Sexual Health Educator, Sobriety and Recovery Coach